About Us

Folk Supply is part of Woodcraft Folk, the co-operative children and young people's movement. We run hundreds of grassroots education groups in towns and cities across the UK, where young people of all ages meet to play games, make friends and learn about big ideas from climate change to social justice through co-operative activities.

You can read more and find your local group on our main website www.woodcraft.org.uk


Mission Statement

The purpose of Folk Supply is to:

  • Provide a service to the members of Woodcraft Folk
  • Create a stream of unrestricted revenue to national Woodcraft Folk
  • Promote the Woodcraft folk through original and innovative designs and products

Ethical Sourcing

  • Folk Supply will use ethical suppliers for merchandise wherever practical & possible, in line with the national ethical sourcing policy.


  • All orders will be delivered within 10 working days of receipt, with exception to the Christmas period, the week prior or post Annual Gathering, at such times notification will be given, and in extreme circumstances e.g. postal strike
  • Any parcels not received within 10 working days should be reported to Folk Supply immediately or no later than 30 days from order.
  • All parcels will be sent via royal mail standard parcel delivery unless special arrangements have been made.